Manual Audit


Florida has implemented a new Rule that requires Supervisor of Elections offices to conduct a manual audit of voting equipment after each election. Ballots from randomly selected contests and precincts are selected, hand-counted and then compared against the machine count. The results from the audits are posted in the links below. Due to the format of these documents, they may not be in format that can be read by an ADA screen-reader. For further assistance, please call us.

2024 Presidential Preference Primary Manual Audit

2022 General Audit Report

2022 General Precinct Summary


2022 Primary Audit Report

2022 Primary Precinct Summary


2020 General Audit Report

2020 General Precinct Summary


2020 Primary Audit Report

2020 Primary Precinct Summary


2020 Presidential Preference Primary Audit Report

2020 Presidential Preference Primary Precinct Summary


2018 Primary Audit Report

2018 Primary Precinct Summary