Poll Worker Information

Thank you for your interest in becoming a poll worker. Some requirements and expectations that must be met are listed below.

First of all, a poll worker must be a registered voter in Bradford County. Also, a poll worker must be available for extensive training. Today’s tabulation systems have become more sophisticated, so a technical background is a plus. In the days prior to a given election, our poll workers are required to attend training classes, usually several hours long, before allowed to work. These classes, normally held during weekdays, involve training on proper Election Day administration and operation of the Optical Scan Tabulation equipment. 

Of course, a poll worker must be available to work long hours on Election Days. The day begins at 6 AM and wraps up around 7:30 PM. Pay averages about $9.00 per hour. You must also be friendly and comfortable working with the voting public.

In summary, a Bradford County Poll Worker must be dedicated! If this sounds like the type of opportunity you would want to pursue, please click here to fill out the poll worker application.

The role of a poll worker is the cornerstone of out democratic process, and your interest is appreciated. We look forward to hearing from you.